I don’t know how you got there
A natural occurence took you away
I will keep holding on
Until you’re tired of flying away
You will be here again
Just please
Don’t let others cut the thread




It’s funny how I get emotional with you
I only met you a week ago
But I have this special connection to you
I wonder if you feel the same.





Regardless of your race
We are all humans

We are a part of a big family
A big family who hurts their kind

Even a snake which is a representation of evil
Doesn’t hurt its kind

Why we humans do not just hurt others
But end their life

Aren’t we the real evil?
Evil hiding from reality




I’ve been from different places
From different souls
From different emotions

I’ve seen a lot of tragedy
A lot of success
A lot of endings

People don’t want sadness
But they support it
They reproduce it
They are the source of it

Humanity is slowly dying
We’re making our own burden
We’re making our ship sail alone in a lonely sea
We’re directing ourselves away from others
But we’re aiming the opposite.

How human exist?

Have you ever wondered if we're alone in this universe?
Well, do you believe in universe?

Aliens are a theory of lot of us.
We were bombarded by their so called "advanced technology"
   which are used in creating structures in Egypt and the rest of historical structures.

Look at us now, humans.
Creating this world.

Making our technology ADVANCED
And scientists are conquering other planets.

Do we consider ourselves alien?

Life Sailing



We travel through out our lives
You experience storms and sunny days
You touch different currents
You meet several boats, yachts and ships
You tried to stop
But you need to keep going
You have to keep sailing
You have to find out your location
Your destination
Or you’ll be lost forever.


Do you believe in your dreams?
Do you believe they are part of you?
Or are we part of our dreams?

Where does our dreams came from?
Does it really exist?
Or is it just imaginations?

“All that we see or seem, is but a dream within a dream. ”
~Edgar Allan Poe